Understanding where to invest, the risks involved and the benefits clients can expect is critical in a developing market, so our team employs sophisticated research techniques supplemented by extensive industry knowledge to ensure the best practices and the best advices to maximize profit. Whether for the smallest investment or for one of the world’s most ambitious projects, we promise no-less than a sound advice and dependable guidance that our clients can rely on. We take pride in the level of service and professional valuations standards that we provide, Regulated by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) .


  • Valuations
  • Research
  • Consultancy
  • Affliations & Memberships


The valuations and research division is a multi-disciplinary group of professionals who are highly involved and experienced in the various real estate markets around the world with a more thorough immersion into the local Qatari market.

Our team stands-out as one of the most-qualified professionals in analyzing every detail related to the real estate sector, stretching all the way from construction to mortgages and international investments.

Our team has a state-of-the-art command over the local and international real estate markets, keeping us ahead in understanding, analyzing and predicting the behavior of these markets.

The quality of our services is literally “ROYAL”; the standards we abide-by are set by the Royal Institution of chartered surveyors(R.I.C.S.) and the international valuation standards as per the IFRS.

These accreditations are leveraged to the benefits of our client-base in Qatar and the surrounding regions.


Al Asmakh Real Estate team of experts will use its comprehensive database of past sales records, and market knowledge to provide clients with up-to-date and reliable (RICS compliant) valuations of all types of properties including:

  • Commercial
  • Hotel
  • Vacant Land
  • Residential
  • Leisure
  • Industrial
  • Plant and Machineries
  • Specialized


  • Accounting Purpose
  • Development Studies
  • Rent review
  • Arbitration
  • Insurance Valuations
  • Mortgages and Finance Valuations
  • Investment Valuations
  • Mergers and Acquisition
  • Portfolio Valuations
  • Government-Related
  • Strategic Assets
  • Rental or Sales Advice
  • Lease Restructure
  • Asset Valuations


  • Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)
  • International Valuation Standards (IVS)
  • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • General Standards and Practices being
    followed within Qatar real estate market


Al Asmakh Real Estate Research Department offers a strategic consulting service to its wide customers’ base (corporate, individual or private investors) in order to deal with all kind of investments from single assets to large mixed-use property portfolios.

Thanks to our all-inclusive database of market trends and our experience in projecting the demand and supply curves so accurately, our team of proficient researchers will be able to provide:

Real estate market research projects including demand and supply analysis, and the implications.
Specialised market analysis reports to consider the direction of the development.
Construction progress report for projects under development.
Periodic market updates which provide our clients with up to the minute analysis of the changes in certain markets and sectors.
Best land use studies where we provide recommendations on the optimal mix of uses within a project taking into consideration the risk appetite of the developer or investor, market factors and the required rates of return as well as risk diversification and risk mitigation Strategies.


Supported by the Regency Group Holding, parent organization of Al Asmakh Real Estate Development Company (AREDC), we were able to build a robust network of links around the world. The Research department will take advantage of this web of data to develop and deliver studies about the local and international markets.

Our data’ pool and far-reaching archives will be exploited in favor of investors, developers and of tenants, putting to-use the best analytical tools available to label and maximize property opportunities after outlining the strategic decisions for our clients.


  • Private Investors
  • Developers
  • Local and International Banks
  • Hotels
  • Investment and Advisory Firms
  • Government and Quasi Government Entities
  • Financial Institutions
  • Real Estate Brokers
  • Multi-National Companies


Al Asmakh Real Estate Consultancy division has been formed to render very specialized and personalized services to clients. At AREDC, we believe that expert and particular advices are means that enable investors to execute their plans in a wiser and better-calculated approach.

Real estate portfolio advisory
We provide a thorough review of the portfolio to align and refine the strategy in order to maximize profit.

Strategic advice on property mergers and acquisitions
Taking into consideration all the aspects including the structuring of the transaction.

Investment Advisory and Fund Placement services
Strategic real estate investment advice on forming policy and on placing funds within Qatar.

Corporate Real Estate Advisory
Tailored consultancy based on finding the finest ways and on attaining the best out of the current investments.

Development consultancy
As advisors, our job is to keep developers informed and up-to-date with strategic trends on-the-rise, and the effects that these leanings might have onto their development.

Feasibility studies
Determine the feasibility and achievability of new projects under consideration.


Al Asmakh Real Estate Valuations and Research Department is approved/affiliated by following authorities:

  • All Courts
  • Supreme Judiciary Council
  • Prime Minister’s Office
  • Qatari judicial provisions and principles
  • Qatari legislation
  • Gulf, Qatar Development and Foreign legislations
  • Judicial provisions and principles of Gulf, Qatar Development and Foreign
  • Courts Statistics
  • Lawyers
  • Judges
  • Development and Training Department
  • RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) – RICS Regulated
  • Individual Memberships
    • IVS (International Valuation Standards)
    • IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards)