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Renowned as one of Qatar’s leading real estate development companies, Al Asmakh prides itself on being one of the few companies that provide full-service real estate solutions With a high-end portfolio that offers the best choices in residential, commercial, and investment real estate in Doha, our company is fully committed to delivering a premium experience to match every client’s standards and ambitions.

With a wealth of experience, technical expertise, and advanced industry knowledge, the company has successfully acquired, financed, developed, marketed, and managed sophisticated projects.

Al Asmakh Real Estate Development Company (AREDC) was founded in 1930 by the late Mr. Hassan Ibrahim Al Asmakh to offer its community the ultimate aspirational lifestyle, bring each one’s vision to life and help them shape the lifestyle they have always desired. Today, AREDC continues to create inspiring and life-enriching experiences for its clients.

Excellence, in everything real estate!
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Our Vision

Support the rapid development of Qatar.
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Our Mission

Al Asmakh Real Estate is dedicated to delivering comprehensive real estate services leveraging our years of experience, partners, and cultural awareness together with verified state-of-the-art methods to create positive change in the community and those we serve.

Our Values

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We are committed to the pursuit of excellence and delivering the best service to our clients
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We take ownership. We value our personal and professional obligations and keep our promises.
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We believe in competence and skill at the highest level
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We are propelled to continual improvement; it’s part of our DNA. We are always striving to be better and do better.








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